27 mai 2009

Enjoy one week in Paris - May 2009
thanks my friend Kuatro and Mask....
nice time with u.... keep real spirit

LA défense - Paris 2009

stickers in the metro

Zub & Cognac - nice time with my bro skema

David La Chapelle Exhibition @ Hotel de la Monnaie

No comment - yo Yaelle and Kuatr0 !!!

Les Papeteries d'essonnes
crazy virgin place ...

check this http://www.dead-cities.org/darblay/

A wall near Paris that we do with Mask and Kalis ....
good feelings...All About Kolors wall !!!

YO !

16 janvier 2009

YO . Some fotos of my books. just for fun and because i love them so much
" ...ma bibliotheque mes livres sont mes seul bling bling..."
ART BOOK and more.

SO...ON my flat is coming . OhMyFuckin'God !

7 janvier 2009

done for a CANCELLED PARTY ! 90's revival

samedi 17 janvier 2009 - 22:30 -
L'episode Café
3 rue des blanchers
Toulouse, France

Cancelled DJ GanG + friends
Yo my men RockStreetTapaa

24 novembre 2008

Write your name with food

potatoes addict
in the middle of november
Raclette junky with my L.A brotha , Julie & Julie, Eliza, Kseu and more ...

Mr T. was 25 this night ! thx Eliza ! thx everybody !

Paris. Eiffel tower

She still in place !
crazy architect !

Azek shop

Winter time in Toulouse, fuck it !

so let's check this... AZEK online store

You can see here some new and unique pieces on model-trains and also canvas, t-shirts, frames, pictures, artoys and lot of goodies.
Original products coming directly from the writer.


BERLIN pict.

BERLIN November 2008 !
thanks everybody in place, Room 77 and Mr Olsen and the hurley sea, Samir, Alex and Barfuss Co-location, Pete & Karina, Tacheless, Cassiopeia, and others fucking undaground places, Ankeklause, Migel et Deko 156, fake cops in the U-Bahn , taxis guy, internet cofee, prenzlauer berg, kreuzberg, turkish way of life at hermannplatz, BHCkollektiv, all this fuckin bier i've drink, becks ! prost !
my friends in paris : Skema, Treka & Yaya
and all cool and real people that we met